Mission Objective:

Canada is home to spectacular landscapes, abundant natural resources, and remarkable biodiversity. What better reason is there to throw Canada an awesome party? In the I <3 Canada Mission, kids will celebrate Canada by completing activities like hosting a waste-free picnic, playing outdoor party games, cleaning up litter, planting a native plant, and taking a selfie with their special little corner of the country.

To complete this Mission, kids will…

  • Read through the Mission Brief to learn about Canada’s ecosystems.
  • Pick a date, outdoor location, and plan a menu for their party.
  • Follow the list of activities in the Mission Brief to have the best party ever!
  • Clean up after they’re done, making sure to pick up any other garbage they see.

Mission Items:

When members accept this Mission, they receive a Mission Brief, a flag cutout and a poster and tails for a game of Pin the Tail on the Beaver.

What Kids Think: