Covey Hill Field barn swallow habitat

Barn Swallow Project Wrap Up

Barn swallows are safely soaring thanks to thousands of Earth Rangers taking action this year to help out songbirds

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Goats in a tree

Countdown of Things Goats Like to Climb

Goats are very agile and adventurous, that’s why we’ve followed them to see how high they can climb, cars, kids, trees… nothing is off limits!

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Blanding's on Basking Log_featured

Blanding’s Turtle Project Wrap Up

Over 22,000 Earth Rangers have helped protect the Blanding’s turtle. See how all your hard work has paid off.

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otter, sun, napping

Top Ten Animals Chillin in the Sun

School is out and it’s the height of summer in Canada. We think it’s time to kick back and relax in the sun

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frog licking a frog

Top Ten Ways Animal Friends Help Each Other Out

See how these amazing animals show their BFFs they care and pick up some tips for how to show some love to your friends

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