Super Ranger Zoey’s Biggest Battery Blitz to Date!

Looking back at this year’s Battery Blitz Mission, many Earth Rangers Members did an amazing job. One in particular, Super Ranger Zoey, went above & beyond!

Feature Bat Box Article

Everyone’s Going Batty over the Newest Hotels!

Some organizations, like Parks Canada, are doing everything they can to help the bats get a long hibernation and wake up when insects are available to eat. Way up north in the Yukon, Kluane National Park and Reserve is offering special accommodations for….can you believe it….bats!

Feature Bat Box Article

Il y a de l’excitation dans l’air pour...

Certaines organisations, comme Parcs Canada, font leur possible pour assurer une longue hibernation pour les chauves-souris et qu’elles puissent se réveiller avec plein d’insectes à manger. Dans le grand nord du Yukon, le parc national et réserve de parc national Kluane offre un hébergement tout spécial… pour les chauves-souris !


New Live Bat Cams Added!

There’s a new hang out spot that’s been added to the Wild Wire and we’re feeling quite batty about it!!! Now you can watch 2 new live streams of bats from the Organization for Bat Conservation at the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

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Gus Grizzly’s Grand Tour of the Great Bear...

Well helllllooooooo there! The name’s Gus Grizzly and I’m a Grizzly Bear! These two buddies next to me are my friends, Spencer the Spirit Bear on the left and Brooke the Black Bear on the right. Today, we want to share our home, the Great Bear Rainforest with you in hopes that you will help protect this wonderful place!

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