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The Effects of Climate Change

There is strong evidence that Earth’s climate is warming. Let’s take a look at what climate change is and how it’s predicted to affect biodiversity, the environment and humans.

Meet Vanessa – Making a Difference, One Animal at a Time

Find out what this Super Ranger did that impressed the sponsor of the Wood thrush project so much, they matched her donation!

Jovanna’s Tips: Help a Species

Super Ranger Jovanna is back with more great ways to be good to the planet. This time she turns her attention to plants and animals.

Finigan the Bald Eagle

References: Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Bortolotti (1984). Physical development of nestling bald eagles with emphasis on the timing of growth events. Wilson Bulletin 96:524-542. Meet More Animal Ambassadors! Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

Monarch Butterfly Project Wrap Up

During the 2011/12 school year, you guys did an amazing job raising funds to protect the Monarch Butterfly. Check out your donations in action!

Monarch Butterfly Update: Growing up in a Prairie

Since returning to the pairies in late spring the Monarch butterfly has been busy, follow along as we take a look at their incredible lifecycle.

Plains Bison Update: An Unusal Winter

This winter, very little snow fell on the Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation Area in Saskatchewan. Check out this update to see how this mild winter affected everyone’s favourite Bison herd!

Frog Gets A Prince’s Name

Scientists working in Ecuador have recently decided to give a princely name to a new species of frog, dubbing it “Hyloscirtus princecharlesi” after Prince Charles of Wales!

Celebrate the Beauty of Nature with One Life

With amazing animals and breathtaking scenery, this documentary brings out a love for the environment in all of us!

Monarch Butterfly Update: The Case of the Missing Monarchs

Where did all the Monarchs go? Find out in this update!

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