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PageHeaders_Main2 the bald eagleFinn the fox
Sammy the servalshelly the spotted turtleEcho the barn owl
Eurasian LynxAnimal Ambassador blue the peregrine falconCosmo the ring-tailed lemur
PageTiles_DoraForrest the foxFinigan bald eagle
Linus the harris hawk


  1. canineluv1 says:

    name the next one freddy, bonnie, chica, foxy, mangle or golden freddy. PLEASE!


  2. CaitlinHoffert says:

    My best friend thinks sammys adorable


  3. millie123 says:

    my favorite is sammy


  4. sawnic says:

    Cosmo Hudson and Finn are my favorite


  5. Moraine says:

    all of these animals are so adorable


  6. Moraine says:

    they are all so cute


  7. Kinger13 says:

    I love amimails


  8. ForestTheSkink says:



  9. Canadianhero123 says:

    i loves dora dora is the mostess adorables


  10. Maimuna123 says:

    i luv all of them #earthranger#


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