Happy Holidays

It’s the Holiday Season, for many people this time of year is filled with friends and family, lots of good food and maybe a party or two! When you’re taking a break from all that celebrating remember to think about the animals that all you Earth Rangers are helping to protect with your Bring Back the Wild campaigns. Because of your hard work to raise awareness and donations for species at risk we’re helping to Bring Back the Wild!

happy holidays from Earth Rangers

Looking for more ways to celebrate the holidays with Earth Rangers? Why not…

Earth Rangers is a non-profit organization that works to inspire and educate children about the environment. At EarthRangers.com kids can play games, discover amazing facts, meet animal ambassadors and fundraise to protect biodiversity.
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  1. New Bee
    Ranger56163931 says:

    i think that its really bad that those peaple are destroying where they live

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  2. New Bee
    Ranger56164049 says:

    yeah say the same expecally the polar bears & amarican badgers.

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  3. Animal Admiral
    Jovanna says:

    Hey, cool, I did a campaign to save the american badger, and my friend did one to save the polar bear.
    I think EVERYONE should do their part to save our world, because beautiful animals, plants and all other wildlife live here, and only here. There is no replacement for Earth, so BRING BACK THE WILD people!

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  4. Toadstool
    Babie says:

    I think it is horrible that people are destroying helpless animals and they’re habitat
    I think it is very sweet to post a little note about having an amazing x-mas

    Eco Protector

    ER_pippy Reply:

    Thanks babie for the holiday wishes!

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  5. New Bee
    Ranger56168441 says:

    lets all work together and save the planet

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  6. New Bee
    Ranger56172821 says:

    It is so cute

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  7. New Bee
    Ranger56215030 says:

    i think everyone should start a campaign, like i did :)

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  8. Tree Hugger
    kajju says:

    happy hoiladays everyone

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  9. New Bee
    mésha says:

    Why are they destroying their home?

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  10. New Bee
    Ranger56221485 says:

    cool never been better

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