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Get creative and host an arts and crafts sale!

Start by creating your very own one-of-a-kind pieces like paintings, drawings, jewelry, bookmarks or keep sakes, then organize a time and place for your friends and family to purchase your amazing works of art. You could even create one incredible piece of art and hold an art auction or raffle.


Need some inspiration? Check out Super Ranger Jenna’s story about her campaign success!


  • Take a look at craft books or websites for creative ideas and how-to guides
  • Have fun with friends by working on your crafts together




  1. edisoncax says:

    Art is nice, and getting money…
    who would want to buy my art work
    Yes, friend’s parents say they want to buy it. But there just joking!


    Marley123 Reply:

    Sad for you


    redpandalover1 Reply:

    you never know!


  2. agill123 says:

    sounds like fun


  3. starlight456 says:

    my sister is an artist


  4. juliatherangerkid says:

    i love creativity


  5. AliBerry says:

    WOW! I love art!


    ag123 Reply:

    Me too!!!’


  6. juliatherangerkid says:

    so amazing


  7. juliatherangerkid says:



    leonordo Reply:

    wow art is amazing i love art when i was a kid loved art


  8. 341056240 says:

    i think i’m gong to try this


  9. juliatherangerkid says:

    art is beautiful


  10. Animallover514 says:

    I think I’m going to try this to,i just LOVE art!!!


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