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Have a sweet tooth? Host a bake sale!

Share your love of baked goods with family and friends by hosting a Bring Back the Wild Bake Sale! By holding your bake sale in a space like your driveway, front lawn or even at a school fair, you can attract lots of people who are willing to support your cause!



  • A poster describing where proceeds will go is extremely helpful! This will let people know more about your campaign
  • Include a donation jar for anyone who wants to pitch in a little more
  • Offer drinks, like juice or water, to go with your baked goods
  • Have napkins or tongs handy so people don’t have to use their bare hands to pick up their treats




  1. Mirenalove says:

    I am so doing this I love baking I will so do this soon


  2. dylan54 says:

    i love to bake this will be so much fun


    alexabee Reply:

    I know


    elizabethk Reply:

    My mom makes delicious lemon squares yum yum yum


  3. FirrPhoenix102938 says:

    Ill bake with my other earth ranger partner!


  4. katlovesanimals11 says:

    man i am so happy i joined


    brieannagillen Reply:

    how do u join?


  5. kathyrnchau says:

    I can’t wait to taste the sweet treats!!


  6. cavi says:

    i am probably going to do this


  7. Zenobia25 says:

    I love to bake soo much.


  8. Samapups says:

    I am defintly doing that


  9. Alyhorsegirl says:

    I love baking so i will proably try this.


  10. Clancy2211 says:

    i love this idea


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