Bring Back the Wild

Bring Back the Wild




  1. wondered2006 says:

    I saw a baby eastern wolf today and it was really cute

    ellae31 Reply:


    dancediva808 Reply:

    i wish i saw one!!!

  2. soccersimar says:

    i think everybody should work together and save all the animals because everybody should
    to be happy

    ninjamike23 Reply:

    your right

  3. soccersimar says:

    i love animals especially lions!

    dancediva808 Reply:

    me too

  4. soccersimar says:

    one day i dream of meeting all the animals in the world and help them

  5. soccersimar says:

    make the world a better place everybody!!!

  6. CeCe2006 says:

    gooooooooooooo anamals

    ellae31 Reply:

    go eastern wolf!

  7. RangerAlexis05 says:

    Can someone help me complete my 1 st campaign because i cant do bake sells cause it is to rainy

    ellae31 Reply:


  8. ellae31 says:

    go western screech owl!

  9. farrell says:

    we can all work together and save the wild life.

  10. farrell says:

    I think we should save the animals!!!!

    emmaneo Reply:

    Not we think we will!

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