Bring Back the Wild

Bring Back the Wild




  1. HaydnT says:

    $25 so far, need $100

  2. Frootloops says:

    My parents said they will allow me to do a garage sale in the summer so I can raise money for the swift fox

    batman2211 Reply:

    good thinking

    Ronnymorales Reply:


  3. Frootloops says:

    Animals are my favourite living things

  4. Frootloops says:

    Can u please make new missions I have completed all of them

    ER_Bubbles Reply:

    Hi Frootloops! Wow, you are fast! Don’t worry, we have more missions on the way.

    Frootloops Reply:


  5. butterflyruby141 says:

    I am Abby I just became an earth ranger today and I also want to protect the eastern wolves I love wolves and I want them to last forever living free and in the wild

    Frootloops Reply:

    Same to ,e

  6. Frootloops says:

    I love the swift wolf which one do u like

  7. Leopard1112 says:

    what do I do????

  8. RiyaC1 says:

    I’m a official earthranger I just started today

  9. batman2211 says:

    Hi my name is Avery and I’m protecting the Eastern Owls does anyone want to help.

  10. batman2211 says:

    Hi, please help,I don’t know how to help the Eastern Owls, how do Ido it?

    ER_Bubbles Reply:

    Hi batman2211! You can do a lot to help the western screech owl by simply spreading the word that they are at risk. The more people who know they are in trouble, the more people can get together to make a difference.

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