This Earth Month, Help Protect Marine Animals!

What do a tufted puffin, sea otter and killer whale all have in common? They are all creatures you’ll be helping this Earth Month when you fundraise for a Bring Back the Wild animal!


The ecosystem that these animals rely on is facing serious threats from industrial fishing, shipping traffic and potential oil spills.


Here’s where you come in! For every dollar you raise throughout April, a donation will also be made to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) to help protect Scott Islands and the Southern Strait of Georgia, two areas around Vancouver Island that these animals call home.

Not only will you be helping some pretty awesome creatures, you’ll also have the chance to earn this really cool Animal Saving Hero badge!

If you help protect marine animals this Earth Month, you’ll have them jumping for joy!


Start your Bring Back the Wild Campaign today!


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This Earth Month, Help Protect Marine Animals!, 4.7 out of 5 based on 30 ratings
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  1. 1stewartjam2 says:

    have not seen them yet but want to


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  2. Lynx890 says:

    that is super Posieden. i cant do that at the moment because i haven’t finished with the pine martin.


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  3. rmg says:

    love the pictures.


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