Birthday Party

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Celebrate your birthday with a Bring Back the Wild Party!

Instead of asking for birthday presents this year, why not ask your friends and family to make a special birthday donation to help protect an animal and its home? You’ll be helping an endangered animal, PLUS you’ll receive an awesome Bring Back the Wild Party Pack with special goodies for you and your guests!


Learn how you can host a Bring Back the Wild birthday party and find out how much fun you can have by checking out Super Ranger Keegan’s story!





  1. diyathedancer says:

    i want to do this for my birth day
    oct 10


    HannaBanana1563 Reply:

    Mine the 9


    lilaloop Reply:

    me to oct 7


  2. Brody0510 says:

    I will do this for my birthday in February


  3. snoops says:

    my birthday is tomorrow!


    RangerKeiraF Reply:

    Happy birthday


  4. belladoo says:



  5. aaryangill says:

    i cant wait for my b-day


  6. dogwinner123 says:

    I want to do this for my next birthday


  7. CaitlinHoffert says:

    I want to do this on my birthday in April


  8. Ellll122 says:

    My friend is doing this


  9. Daniella07 says:

    i ordered one and i can’t wait


  10. Kinger13 says:

    that’s what i’m going to do


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