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Don’t let your old books collect dust; have a book sale!

short-book-stackA good book can take you on an epic adventure. You can explore caves, battle dragons, or discover your secret powers all before lunch. But what do you do with a book once you’re finished reading it?


A book sale is a great way to give your old books a new home and collect donations for your Bring Back the Wild Campaign!



  • Ask your friends and family to donate their old books. That way you can offer a variety of books for people to choose from. Sort and organize your books so they are easy to search through.
  • Put up posters around your neighbourhood to let people know where and when your book sale will take place.
  • Put out some official Earth Rangers bookmarks to sell with your books. Make sure you glue cardboard to the back of the bookmarks to make them sturdy – cardboard from an old cereal box should do the trick!
  • Ask your family to help you run your book sale. They can be there to answer questions and help you out when you need it.
  • Put a donation box by the checkout to see if anyone is willing to donate some spare change.
  • Remember to be flexible on the price. If you find some books aren’t selling, try lowering the price or offering 2 books for the price of 1.





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