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Your next Mission: What’s at Steak

For this Mission, it’s time to get cooking! We’re taking a look at the way our food choices, particular around meat, impact the environment.

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Peregrine Project Wrap-Up: A Soaring Success!

2016 was an epic year here at Earth Rangers, and we’re so proud of all of you for your amazing animal-saving efforts! Over 15,000 Earth Rangers worked hard


Top Ten Ways to Make Your March Break Fun

Wondering what to do over March Break? Well, we have some super fun ideas! Check out this list and watch your March Break go from…


Are you in there? A cute adorable chipmunk with both front paws, feet on the window, looking inside my house.  Standing on the sill and looking to see what might be going on.

Animals miss you so get Back to Nature!

Not sure whether you should accept the Back to Nature Mission? Well these animals have a special message for you! Keep reading to find out what they


Top Ten Animal Hugs

Have you ever seen an elephant trunk twist? How about a panda pile? No? Well check out this Top Ten video to see how all


Recycle batteries and you could WIN!

Did you know that properly recycling your batteries can help protect animals? Batteries that go out with the trash end up in landfills, where they not only add

Children Having Fun And Balancing On Tree In Fall Woodland

Your Next Mission: Back to Nature

Do you think you can come up with a cool idea for a Mission? Well, now’s your chance to shine! With the Back to Nature Mission, we’re

A high resolution image of a brown bear climbing a tree in a forest

Back to Nature Mission Idea Centre

So you’ve accepted the Back to Nature Mission and need a little help coming up with an activity. We’ve got just the brainstorming ideas you need to


Show us how much you love animals this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air…love of animals, that is! This year, show us how much you love protecting animals by


All about the Woodland Caribou

Learn all about one of Canada’s most iconic species and hear more about how Earth Rangers is working hard to protect them!

What they look like

Chances are if you’ve

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