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Super Ranger James is electrically plugged in!

Ranger James attended the Electric Vehicle Conference a few months ago and wanted to share his passion for electric vehicles and his message as an Earth Ranger!

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sept2017 fox article 1 feature

Become a guardian of the Gray Fox galaxy!

It may be small, but Pelee Island is home to tons of amazing plant and animal species. Some of the populations it supports are really rare - so

sept2017 salamander article 1 feature

Ready to join the #salamandersquad?

Deep in the heart of the Quebec wilderness, on the secluded peaks of Covey Hill, lies a 15,000 year old peat bog that’s home to some of the

Polar bear mother with two cubs on an ice flow in the arctic ocean.  Symbolic for climate situation in the arctic. Symbol for endangered wildlife by global warming. The picture is taken between Franz Josef Land and North pole in the russian arctic. It is a mother with a  1/2 years old cubs.Copy space.

What Do You Think About Climate Change?

Climate change is a popular topic these days and we want to know if it’s something you find interesting or if it's as boring as your math homework.


Which animal are you going to protect?

We've got some new Bring Back the Wild animals coming your way soon! Take a look at the images below and see if you can guess what animals

Canada Warbler perched on a branch.

Meet the other bird that’s named after Canada

We all know the Canada goose. They are instantly recognizable with their white chinstrap and black head and neck, but did you know that they aren’t the only

Look up in a dense pine forest

How can a forest be a sink?

Forests are incredibly important for the planet and it’s not just because they are home to lots of plants and animals. They also play a big role in

aug2017 pm feature

Pine Marten Project Update: That’s a Wrap!

Let’s head west to the heart of Manitoba’s boreal forest to learn more about how our partners at TNC Canada are helping protect the Pine Marten! The boreal forest

Aug2017 CWC wrapupFEATURE

A Bring Back the Wild Special Report for our very “COOL” Cold Water Coral lovin’ Earth Rangers Members!

First and most importantly we want to thank you! You and over 8,000 Earth Rangers from across Canada chose to help protect Cold-Water Coral, an animal (bet you

Moose family during mating season early morning

Top 15 AMOOSING Moose Facts

How much do you know about moose? Let’s see if any of these 15 amoosing moose facts stump you! Read through the list and make sure you remember

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