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What’s Really Scary About Bats

Bats aren’t so scary but what’s happening to them is. Learn what’s threatening these flying mammals.

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New Live Bat Cams Added!

There's a new hang out spot that's been added to the Wild Wire and we're feeling quite batty about it!!!

Now you can watch 2 new live streams of


Swift Fox Project Wrap-up

Over 14,000 Earth Ranger members took action this past year to protect one of the most adorable canines around, the swift fox! This species of fox lives


Eastern Wolves in La Mauricie National Park

La Mauricie National Park is the most eastern Canadian national park where the eastern wolf can still be found. This conservation area plays an important role in

Swift fox in grass

What’s a Swift Fox Having for Dinner?

What’s on the menu for a swift fox? You tell us! We’ve listed below a bunch of food options, guess which ones the swift fox will eat then

Swift fox in tall grass. Photo credit Bob Gurr

Grasslands National Park and the Swift Fox

This year, Earth Rangers is taking action to help protect the swift fox! These speedy foxes are a threatened species, which is why they need all the


Baby Rhinos at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is raising three baby rhinos named Nicky, Hope and Kilifi. Normally baby rhinos are raised by their moms, but for special reasons each of


Squirrels Live in Leaf Balls

Around this time of year, when most trees are bare and winter is near, do you ever look up and see a ball of leaves high in the

killer whale

How to Find Out a Killer Whale’s Name and What it Had for Dinner

What’s it like being a scientist studying whales in the Arctic? Here’s how killer whale researcher Natalie Reinhart describes it: “Working with killer whales can be a lot of

red fox cubs

Meet Earth Rangers Newest Animal Ambassadors

The newest members to the Earth Rangers team, two red fox cubs, were in need of names. Since we couldn't decide, we called out to all of

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