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hummingbird - Marcial4

Hungry Hungry Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds might be small, but their appetite is not! Find out how and why these birds eat so much.

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Eastern Hog-nosed Snake-Wayne Lynch (small)

All About the Eastern Hog-nosed Snake

The harmless Eastern hog-nosed snake, which in Canada is only found in Ontario, is often feared as a venomous snake because of its defensive behaviour. When threatened, it

bobsleigh penguins

Animal Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics brings together the top athletes from some of the most exciting and highly competitive winter sports. This year, athletes from all over the world

baby otter oregon zoo

Watch A Baby Otter Learn to Swim

River otters are excellent swimmers, using their powerful tails, long bodies and webbed feet to glide through the water. But otters aren't born knowing how to swim! Mom's


Penguin Photos and Penguin Facts

What spot on earth has never been settled by man, is dark for most of the winter and 98% ice? Give me an ‘A’ Give me a ‘N’,


All About the Piping Plover

The piping plover pokes around in the sand looking for lunch. It spots its prey and snatches it up. This small stocky shorebird nests only in North America.


Hunting Like a Fox

Hi! I’m Jasper the red fox and I’m one of Earth Rangers’ newest Animal Ambassadors. I just wanted to stop by and… WAIT! WHAT WAS THAT?! SHHHH be

Ermine_Gerald_and_Buff Corsi_California Academy Center

All About the Haida Ermine

The Haida ermine may look cute, but it’s a ferocious carnivore. But don’t worry – it’s not after you! One of the smallest members of the weasel family,

yawning chimpanzee

Can You Catch a Yawn from a Chimpanzee?

Make sure you don’t scroll down to the photos below unless you have a pillow and a blanket ready for a nap, because these images will make you


Watch Baby Panda Twins Grow Up

Meet Mei Lun and Mei Huan, twin baby pandas that were born at the Zoo Atlanta on July 15, 2013. This adorable video shows the first 100

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