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Look up in a dense pine forest

How can a forest be a sink?

Forests are incredibly important for the planet, and it’s not just because they are home to lots of plants and animals. They also play a big role in the fight against climate change!

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cane toad - Geoff Gallice

Ten of the World’s Most Invasive Species

Bullying is not just a problem in school yards; it’s also a problem in nature! Invasive species are plants and animals that are brought to a new habitat


Candies That Come From Plants

While you are enjoying your Valentine’s Day treats or Halloween sweets, do you ever wonder where that candy you are eating comes from? It might surprise

amazon forest arial

How Many Different Types of Trees Live in the Amazon?

Have you ever tried to count tree species in a forest? This can be a tough job, even for smart scientists who really know their trees, that’s because

Dracula sergioi, orchid

Top Ten Spooky Plants

Put away the jack-o-lantern carving and the spooktacular costume planning for a second because it is time for a very special Top Ten. This countdown is filled with

flower, plant, cape region, South Africa

Why Are There Soooo Many Plants?

1, 2, 3… this may take me a while, I’m trying to count all of the kinds of flowers in the Cape Region (southwestern tip of Africa)

Socotra Dragon Tree, Dracaena cinnabari, dragon's blood tree

Top Ten Oddest Looking Plants

If you decide to travel around the world, you will run into some pretty interesting plants. We have compiled a list some of the ones we think are


Top Ten Weird Plant Names

Ever heard of a Sneezewort, or a Monkey Puzzle Tree? We've got a whole list of wonky plants and the inside scoop on where they got their funny

bird mangrove forest

Coastal mangrove forests store more carbon than almost any other forest on Earth

A team at the U.S. forest services and some university scientists looked at 25 mangroves and found that these coastal forests are super important holders of carbon.


The Ferocious Bladderwort Plant!

You may have heard of the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) and its carnivorous eating habits, but did you know that there are other plants that hunt? In

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