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Meet the Blanding’s Turtle Protectors

Take a look at this video to find out how the Toronto Zoo’s head-starting program is helping to protect Blanding’s turtles.

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Get the Buzz on Bees and Pollination

Earth Ranger Jovanna chats with Dr. John Purdy to learn all about the importance of bees. Did you know that without bees as pollinators, we would have a

beluga whale smile

Beluga Whale Update: Searching, Spotting and Spying

Beluga whales are amazing marine mammals that have some pretty special skills like navigating by sound (“echolocation”) and incredible swimming and diving abilities. Even with such super


Western Bumble Bee Update: Managed and Wild Bees

Bees are a diverse group of insects. There are big bees, small bees, bees with stingers and bees without. Bet you can’t guess how many species of bees

young blanding's turtle

Blanding’s Turtle Update: Growing Up

As newborns, all we want to do is eat, drink and sleep. But could you imagine if you had to break out of a shell and struggle to

beluga whale close up

Beluga Whale

“Sqeeeal Chirp Chirp Squeeeeal CLUCK!!!” Sorry for the racket, we’re just trying to speak beluga. We think we just learned how to say either ‘hello’ or

barn swallow flying songbird

Barn Swallow

What’s that whipping through the sky with a forked tail trailing behind it? Is it a plane, a soaring superhero, or maybe… a barn swallow? These birds are


Blanding’s Turtle

Turtles have been around for a long time and are the subject of many myths and legends. Unfortunately, many turtles are at risk of extinction unless we change

B occidentalis on aconitum (D Inouye)_editLow

Western Bumble Bee

Bzzzz! Bzzzz! Bzzzz! What’s that flying around your head? Oh, it’s a bee. NO! Don’t hit it! Haven’t you heard that bees are in trouble and really need

oregon spotted frogs

Oregon Spotted Frog Project Wrap Up

Our hippity hoppity pal, the Oregon spotted frog, has had an amazing year thanks to you! As the most endangered amphibians

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