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  1. animalsneedme says:

    i love the ideas


    Genevieve6 Reply:

    Me too! These are great!


  2. DianaRS says:



  3. horsehoofs says:

    Im really good at singing mabye i could make a show. $5 per person?


  4. Wiiibro says:

    Please give me money


  5. AriMan says:



  6. gold13 says:

    luv the ideas :)


  7. jenitaB3 says:

    these ideas are amazing thank you


  8. bunnys4 says:

    these ideas are sooo amazing thank you for the ideas earth rangers 3 thing earth rangers mandy kids have earth rangers? long you guy are doing it? old is earth ranger?


  9. AriannaTimea says:

    How do you donate the money ?


    Earth Rangers Reply:

    Hi there,

    thank you so much for your Wild Wire Comment, and for your support of Earth Rangers!

    What a great question! I have sent an email detailing how to donate to the email address linked to your account. Please make sure a parent or guardian sees the email and the donation details.

    I hope that helps, let us know if we can be of any further assistance!

    Ranger Liz


  10. glittermermaid says:

    all these ideas sound fun


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Earth Rangers is a registered Canadian charity (#892200528RR0001) whose mission is to educate kids about the importance of biodiversity and empower them to protect animals and their habitat.