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Have a Bring Back the Wild garage sale!

Do you have old toys lying around your home that you aren’t sure what to do with? You can use them to raise donations for your Bring back the Wild campaign by hosting a garage sale!


Ask a parent to help you collect used items from around your home – don’t collect anything that you don’t have permission to sell. Next, pick a day for your garage sale and let people know when and where it’s happening by going out with an adult and putting up posters around your neighbourhood. When the big day comes, put all the items you’re planning to sell on display and make sure the prices are clearly marked. When you’re done, you’ll have decluttered your house while raising money for animals in need!


  • Look at the forecast and try to pick a day with good weather for your garage sale. Weekends are a popular time for garage sales so you might want to try a Saturday or Sunday morning!
  • Write the prices out neatly and tape the price tags on or close to your items.
  • Make sure you have lots of coins and small bills available so you can easily make change for your shoppers.
  • Put out a donation box to see if people are willing to donate anything extra.




  1. CaitlinHoffert says:

    I have so much stuff I want to get rid of but I’m not allowed


    QuickNav Reply:

    Me too


    ava22s Reply:

    Me to.


    KiraT214 Reply:

    Not me Im allowed


    Angielittle Reply:

    Me swell


  2. Shadowrose says:

    i have alot of stuff to get rid of


    Jammerlily10000 Reply:

    i gave away so much stuff


  3. cfrelick says:

    I think I want to ask my mom if I can do one because we have big bags filled with old toys we do not want

    I saw this cool garage sale sign!


  4. kaydenl3 says:

    I’m Giving so much away


  5. catearthrangers says:

    My dad and mom saw you have to have a garage sale. I HAVE TO MUCH TOYS. But I’m going to miss my toys. But I’m hope someone have fun with my toys. I hope I have a lot of money!


  6. RangerAngelyna says:

    I cant have a garage sale my mom said no


    fox26 Reply:



  7. NatureLadies says:

    my mom thinks it will be too much much for a garage sale to happen. Like it takes too long.


  8. THEONI100 says:

    me too


  9. jawadshihadeh says:

    i am going to sell stuff i dont need


  10. coolkaleb1 says:

    Next Saturday I’m doing it probably………..


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