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Ready to lend a helping hand?

Let friends and family members know that you’re ready to help out with tasks around the house! Simple things like washing dishes, shovelling the driveway, folding laundry or vacuuming can be extremely helpful and save lots of time for others.



  • Fill out your Handy Helper Business Cards and hand them out to family and friends!
  • Take advantage of the seasons! If it’s winter, shovel driveways. Is it autumn? Rake leaves!
  • Make it fun for the whole family! Running errands or helping with chores can be EXTRA fun when you do it with others. Ask your parents or siblings what you can help out with, then do the task together!




  1. Sunday123 says:

    Yo so cool


    Weezie1 Reply:



  2. Weezie1 says:

    i love earth rangers so i say help save animals


  3. carlita15 says:

    Yes that is a very good idea


  4. nathanielo says:

    this is going to be fun


  5. nathanielo says:

    I’m going to do this because its almost winter


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