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Make Crafty Cards for Others to Enjoy!

Whether it’s for the holiday season, a birthday, or even a simple “thank you”, homemade cards are always in style! Make a collection of crafty homemade cards and sell them to your friends and family to help support your Bring Back the Wild campaign!



  • Set up a table to display your amazing card collection
  • Ask a parent to share your cards with friends by sending a message through email or on Facebook or Twitter. They may also want to bring your cards to work to share with their friends!
  • Need some ideas for holiday cards? Accept the Homemade Holiday Mission to receive your brief!
  • Check out this Top 10 list of awesome homemade holiday cards
  • Take it to the next level and make your own paper for your cards. Learn how here.



  1. Happyhearts says:

    I did this well sort of does the homemade holiday mission count


    peregrinemoo Reply:



    banana10000 Reply:

    i do not no


    Parneet6821 Reply:



    XMAN2007 Reply:

    me and sister love making homemade cards


  2. glamor334 says:

    cool way to get creative


  3. Sr16234 says:

    I love crafting! Don’t you?


    Katiepie109 Reply:

    I love it


  4. yourthebes says:

    crafting is awesome


  5. turtle098 says:

    this is cool, I think I might try it!


  6. Ivoid says:

    Oh yah! His is gonna be fun!


  7. Ivoid says:

    How much should each card be?


    Malisse Reply:

    10 or 20 cents


  8. Ivoid says:

    I will totally try this fundraising activity. I already got started


    ThomasH16 Reply:

    i love this so much .crafting is awesome


  9. Malisse says:

    i love crafting!


  10. raven5611 says:

    crafting is awsome


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