The Planet’s Checkup

The World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) 2010 Living Planet Report is a BIG document that looks at our planet’s health. Sadly its findings show us that biodiversity across the world is on the decline, this is measured by looking at the population of different species. Over the last 10 years biodiversity has dropped by 30%, at the same time the demands we place on the planet keep getting bigger.

yellowstone national park wyoming

My Footprint

The choices that we make in everyday life have a BIG impact on the health of our planet. This is why it’s important to reduce our ecological footprint. By footprint, we mean our demand on nature, from the food we eat to the gas in our cars. Globally, our footprint has doubled in the past 60 years; and, today many scientists believe that we are using more resources than the planet can naturally sustain.

Hugging the planet

By looking at the Living Planet Report, we can see that the world needs some TLC. It might seem overwhelming, but we know there are some amazing kids out there who want to make the world a better place…and that’s a really good start!

To learn more about this report click here

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  1. Forest Friend
    SLAMMY says:

    i’m speachless

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  2. Animal Admiral
    AwesomeAnnie says:

    Why don’t people understand that other things are important not just us! it makes me so mad sometimes. We need to protect the environment because without it we would die

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  3. New Bee
    fox says:

    th earth is a special planet. we need to protect it best we can!

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