It’s Easy to be an Animal Saving Hero

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  1. nateosei says:

    cool video i need to do it


    yaseendahelper Reply:



  2. ryrydaboss says:

    how do you raise money really fast?


    Tigerinature Reply:

    I don’t know. I was wondering the same thing


  3. Ava221 says:

    I used to raise money for the pine martens and i painted rocks and raised over $50.#Recommend it!


  4. cocolapin11 says:

    Hi How dol give the money to you


    Earth Rangers Reply:

    Hi cocolapin11,

    Thank you SO much for commenting on the Wild Wire Blog! I understand you’re wondering how to donate to your Earth Rangers campaign? I have sent an email (to the email address linked to your account) detailing how to donate.

    I hope this helps, and keep up the AMAZING earth-saving work!!

    Ranger Liz


  5. Pearla says:

    How could you do something at home and raise money without doing a bunch of work?


  6. April20 says:



  7. animalgirl2229 says:

    im doing the bake sale


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Earth Rangers is a registered Canadian charity (#892200528RR0001) whose mission is to educate kids about the importance of biodiversity and empower them to protect animals and their habitat.