Little Brown Bat

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Together we can help protect Little Brown Bats.
Together we can help protect Little Brown Bats.
Little Brown Bat PSA Non Broadcast
Your Bring Back the Wild campaign will help find critical habitats for bats.
Your Bring Back the Wild campaign will help find critical habitats for bats.

How we helped Little Brown Bats

Project Dates: September 2015 – August 2016

Details: Little Brown Bats are facing a serious disease called White-nose Syndrome (WNS), which has already killed millions of bats. Through the help of kids just like you, Earth Rangers teamed up with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to protect Little Brown Bats. The donations raised for this Bring Back the Wild project helped to:

  • Fund surveys to find their critical habitats. Since only a handful of these sites have been identified, finding others will help us learn more about their habitat.
  • Use the information about their habitats to help design special new washable homes called bat boxes. These boxes can be cleaned so bats can use them as places to roost and raise their young without the threat of WNS.



  1. CatLover2234101 says:



    AzWack Reply:



  2. katherineg15 says:

    guys do you know what we can do besides start a campaign to protect bats, we can make bat boxes! Bat boxes provide a safe place for bats to hibornate and raise
    their babies. if you like this idea please reply.


    Harry9 Reply:

    Ya building bat boxes is a greatest idea!


  3. sabrina112 says:

    yay lets save them


  4. freyafox says:

    Try door to door- It is easy and a good way to raise money


  5. freyafox says:

    Join Save The Bats Club!


  6. jademeow2006 says:

    Yay mission accomplished for bats!


  7. TatumButt says:

    Soooo cute! <3 these bats. Help save them!


  8. DianaRS says:

    Protect the little brown bats


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