Beluga Whale Hunting in the Arctic

Do you have a favourite summer getaway? That special place you go every year when the weather gets warmer? If so, you’re not the only one in the animal kingdom.

Flickr Credit: Jason Peir in DC

Beluga whales have been known to return to the same rivers and estuaries (places were rivers meet oceans) year after year. They visit these special spots to feed, get away from predators like Polar bears and Killer whales and to moult (get rid of dead skin).

Unfortunately, Belugas will keep returning to these areas even when it is unsafe. Since their summer hideaways are so predictable, it’s really easy for hunters to find them. In some areas, hunters have targeted so many belugas that it is believed they may have wiped out entire populations!

Thankfully, there have been limits put in place to make sure Belugas aren’t overhunted. These limits have already started to help protect Beluga whale populations, but they aren’t out of danger yet. Beluga hunting is still a problem in areas of the Hudson Bay. Scientists believe that if hunting levels continue, the Eastern Hudson Bay population could disappear in fewer than 10 to 15 years!

Flickr credit: Jason Peir in DC

Can you picture yourself kayaking alongside Beluga whales?
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Source: COSEWIC Assessment and Update Status Report on the Beluga Whale Delphinapterus leucas, 2004

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  1. Forest Friend
    Aujanae says:

    I agree beluga whales are one of my most favorite animals on the world my sister became a earth ranger last year and she new I like belugas so she’s helping them but I became a earth ranger in 2015 so I can’t help the beluga whale


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  2. Forest Friend
    Sophiathesaver says:

    I saw a beluga in Marine land it was awsome!


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  3. Forest Friend
    paprikawolf says:

    belugas always looks so happy and funny – theyre so cool!


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  4. Toadstool
    EcoEarth says:

    I used to see belugas and polar bears where I used to live. They’re beautiful!


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