Helping Out in New Delhi at an Animal Sanctuary

The Global Vets team in India have waded through the crowded streets of New Delhi to find a safe haven for all kinds of animals in their latest guest blog.

We have just finished two weeks at an animal sanctuary called Jeev Ashram in New Delhi. This is a place where people from the village can bring their animals for treatment as well as a safe haven for street dogs and cats or those animals that have been abandoned by their owners.

Jeev Ashram India

Jeev Ashram India. Photo Credit: Megan Monaghan, Samantha Miglin, Monica Marshman and Whitney DeGroot

The residents include 20 dogs, 30 cats, 15 cattle, a goat, rabbits, guinea pigs, and peacocks. It is a gorgeous facility with lots of green space and a huge tree filled with wild green parrots. In a city of over 9 million people, and just as many cars honking horns and causing pollution, it really is a small piece of paradise for these animals.

Dogs Global Vets India

The Global Vets Team in India. Photo Credit: Megan Monaghan, Samantha Miglin, Monica Marshman and Whitney DeGroot

One of the major projects we were involved with at Jeev Ashram is the spay and neuter of stray dogs and cats to help control the huge numbers of animals that live on the streets. On our first day, Dr. Vinod Sharma reviewed the use of injectable anesthetics and demonstrated the proper techniques for both midline and flank spays. The following day we were ready to dive right in! We divided up into two teams, a surgery team and an anesthesiology team, and took turns alternating positions. Each day we were able to do 3-5 surgeries and by the end of our two week period we had completed over 50 surgeries.

Operation Theatre

Operation Theatre. Photo Credit: Megan Monaghan, Samantha Miglin, Monica Marshman and Whitney DeGroot

It felt really good to be able to apply all of the theory we learned during our second year at vet school to real cases. I think we can all agree that nothing really prepares you as well as having hands-on experience. We all felt there was a significant improvement in our confidence levels and overall calmness during surgery by the second week. The incredible experience we have gained from Jeev Ashram is truly amazing and has definitely prepared us for the up coming year at school.

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