Scuba Diving, Tuk Tuks and the Heaviest Backpack Ever!

Ty and Caitlin check back in from Thailand as they leave the Cat and Dog Rescue and head out in search of elephants.

Howdy Earth Rangers!

It’s Ty, from Team TC, and I wanted to give you all an update as to what Caitlin and I have been doing the past few weeks!

Thailand, boat, ocean,

Boat ride. Photo Credit: Caitlin Grant and Tyler Jorden

Sadly, we finished volunteering at the Samui Cat and Dog Rescue on Thursday June 22nd, 2012. Caitlin and I were very sad to leave as we became very good friends with all of the shelter workers. Over the two weeks we were volunteering, we sure did learn a lot! Both Caitlin and I performed our first operations! And we both helped control the local pet population by assisting with the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs.


In Thailand there are many cats and dogs without homes, these animals beg for food in the streets and don’t have access to veterinarians if they get sick. The more cats and dogs there are on the street the harder it is to properly care for them all, that’s why controlling their population is so important.

Thailand Cat and Dog Rescue

Thailand Cat and Dog Rescue. Photo Credit: Caitlin Grant and Tyler Jorden

Although it was hard seeing so many animals without homes, I think there is something you can learn from every experience, no matter how tough it may be. This experience has inspired me to be the best I can be when I get back to school in September, and to learn as much as I can so I can help any animal in need!

Buddhist temple Thailand

Buddhist temple in Thailand. Photo Credit: Caitlin Grant and Tyler Jorden

Since leaving the dog and cat rescue two and a half weeks ago, Caitlin and I have been traveling all over Thailand, it feels like such a blur! We’ve traveled from island to island, city to city, and have taken airplanes, trains, ferries and buses, all over Thailand! We have met so many other travelers from all over the world including Holland, England, the U.S.A., Germany, Norway, Argentina, Denmark, and Austria (to name a few!) In terms of luggage, Caitlin and I have the BIGGEST backpacks you could ever imagine, packed with all of our stuff! I weighed my backpack the other day and it actually weighs 45 pounds, imagine carrying that around everywhere you went!

Scuba diving Thailand

Ty scuba diving. Photo Credit: Caitlin Grant and Tyler Jorden

We’ve had a lot of fun traveling through Thailand so far. Some highlights of our trip include:

  • Getting to go scuba diving through coral reefs off the island of “Koh Tao”. While scuba diving, we came across a HUGE group of hunting barracuda! I HIGHLY recommend scuba diving if you ever get the chance!
  • Getting to tour through some really old Buddhist temples! The main religion here in Thailand is Buddhism so, instead of having Churches everywhere, there are some really cool, really old temples!
  • Riding in the back of a “tuk tuk” in Bangkok (Thailand’s Capital City)! “Tuk Tuks” looks like a cross between a motorcycle and a taxi. We had a tour of Bangkok, riding in the back of one and it was really fun!
  • Taking an overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai! On the train, there were bunk beds and it felt like I was at summer camp again!
  • Going on a boat tour of some of the islands around “Phuket”! The islands looked very exotic and were so beautiful!
tuk tuk, Bangkok, Thailand

Caitlin and Ty touring Bangkok in a Tuk Tuk. Photo Credit: Caitlin Grant and Tyler Jorden


We have now arrived at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center in Northern Thailand, which has a hospital for Elephants where we will be volunteering for the next week!

Be Sure to Stay Tuned!


Ty and Caitlin will be checking in again soon to tell us about their adventure working with elephants, while you wait for their return catch up with the rest of the Global Vets teams.

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