Teaching Kids Animal Facts in Western Kenya

The Global Vets East Africa team are in Kenya, sharing their love for animals with all the local school children.

A Warm Welcome

June 14 2012
It is our first day in the small community situated around Bwaliro Elementary School in Western Kenya. Our host families welcomed us with open arms and gave us a good tour of the surrounding area. Almost every house in the area is made of mud walls and a grass roof, with only a couple of rooms in the entire house. The crops grown here are very different from the ones grown in Canada – mango trees, guava trees, avocado trees, sugar cane, and papaya. We have also noticed that families grow their own meat as well; they have chickens running free in their yards and cows tied to pegs eating the grass. These are things we would never see in Canada!

Global Vets Elementary School West Kenya

Photo Credit: Global Vets East Africa Team. Alison, Melissa, Christiane and Sadie

Canada is fortunate…

June 19 2012
We have been enjoying our stay with our host families and our visits to Bwaliro Elementary School. While we are at the school, we play with the children at recess and visit their classrooms to see what they have been learning. At recess, the children play soccer, hop scotch, and skip rope. They also really enjoy singing, dancing, and especially learning new songs from Canada. In school, the children sit on benches or on the floor, unlike the nice desks we get in Canada. They also have to share only a few text books for one classroom, which seems to make learning more difficult at times. Despite these conditions, the children are very happy and always seem to be smiling!

Global Vets singing to a class in kenya

Photo Credit: Global Vets East Africa Team. Alison, Melissa, Christiane and Sadie

Not chickens?

June 22 2012

In the past couple of days, we have spent the majority of our time at Bwaliro Primary School teaching the children about the animals we have in Canada. We visited students of many different ages, ranging from 4 to 15. With the younger children, we supplied crayons and paper and had them draw and colour their favourite animal. With the older children, we talked about the differences in animals in Kenya and in Canada. They were very surprised to hear that a lot of people have dogs and cats, but not chickens!

Global Vets in a classroom in Kenya

Photo Credit: Global Vets East Africa Team. Alison, Melissa, Christiane and Sadie

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