Meet Joey!

This Students on Ice participant will be guest blogging here on the Wild Wire all about his experiences in the Arctic. Get all the details about this adventurer before he heads off into the northern frontier.

Arctic expedition, Joey LoiJoey Loi is an active 17 year old from Markham, Ontario. His passion for the environment comes through in his work as a director on the Youth Environmental Network of York Region. YENYR is currently working to create a zero waste campaign for a local night festival which annually attracts 60,000 visitors. His involvement in the community extends beyond environmental initiatives.  Joey is the co-chair of the Mayor’s Youth Task Force, the youth branch of Markham town council.  Joey combined his passions for entrepreneurship and education to found Turn the Page, a youth led non-profit organization that connects local youth to opportunities to support education in impoverished communities.

Joey believes that young people must be active in shaping the world they live in. He looks forward to immersing himself in the Arctic environment and the culture of its people to learn about what he can do to bring about positive change in his community.  Joey intends to share his passion for environmental advocacy with others to spark local change that has a global impact.

Up next… Joey’s first post, as he prepares for the expedition.

Find out more about Students on Ice and how they’re inspiring kids just like you!

Earth Rangers is a non-profit organization that works to inspire and educate children about the environment. At kids can play games, discover amazing facts, meet animal ambassadors and fundraise to protect biodiversity.
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  1. Eco Protector
    Ranger Stephen says:

    Hello Joey! I want to go on a trip to the arctic!

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  2. New Bee
    Ranger56102653 says:

    I cant not belive going to arctic

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  3. Green Bean
    harmu says:


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  4. New Bee
    feednow says:

    hello joey I love they artic

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