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Spotlight, please!

When Super Ranger Sophia learned about endangered animals, she knew she had to do something to help! Sophia started a Bring Back the Wild campaign to save the woodland caribou and decided to write and star in her own play to help explain the threats facing caribou and other animals like the American badger and polar bear. Sophia did an amazing job and rose over $500 to protect the woodland caribou! Want to see more? Watch Ranger Sophia’s play and read her Super Ranger story here!



  • Start by researching more about the animal you want to protect, writing a script and practicing with your friends and family!
  • Advertise your play with posters or tickets!
  • Offer drinks, like juice or water, to go with your baked goods
  • At the end of your play, you can ask the audience to help support your Bring Back the Wild campaign by providing a donation




  1. step999 says:

    This will be so much fun, I love acting!


    Keonaisapoo Reply:

    I love acting to I always want to do plays!
    I can’t wait to put on a SHOW!


    iq1188 Reply:

    I love to act too it is so much fun! I am doing a play at school


  2. BUNNIES223 says:

    Earth rangers, my campaign ends in two weeks.I feel like I don’t have enough time to do anything or raise anymore money.We we’re going to do a bake sale at my school but I still wouldn’t make my goal in to weeks.Please right back.

    Love Quinn Nicoll


    Earth Rangers Reply:

    Hi Ranger Bunnies223! Not to worry – you can extend your own campaign by logging-in to your Earth Rangers account and clicking the “My Donation Page” tab and selecting the “Need more time” button underneath your Goal slider on the right. Please email us at if you need any more help! Keep up the amazing work :)


  3. lunalps says:

    imma do that oh and i not allowed to downlod those bottons so what do me do


  4. prettyandperfect says:

    time to pick up my pen and my paper and start writing a script for my own play eeekkk me and earthcarmela12 r going to start making a play it will be so much fun thx for inspiring us we r besties we like each other very much hello world


  5. ag123 says:

    I think it’s a great idea be cause you’re doing two things in one!!!!!!! You’re having fun and raising money for your bring back the wild funraising campaign!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. ag123 says:

    i love acting!!!


  7. Moonlightkittan says:

    Dear earth rangers
    I want to do a bake sale at school but Im not sure my princable would aprove. Where else is a good place to do one?


  8. theforestsaver1218 says:

    okay how do we get in the play exactly?


  9. artemisrocks3028 says:

    Me and 4 year old bro just chillin in a midland turtle show and magic show!#so fun!


  10. iq1188 says:

    I love to act so mutch I am doing a play at school !

    love ranger Angie


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