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Psst…listen up…I have some top secret information that you can use to join the league of Super Rangers! We may not be able to fly or leap tall buildings in a single bound, but we are saving the world and you can be part of this exclusive crew.

Here’s how: Send your story to

Tell us about your efforts to help save the environment or nominate someone you know.

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It can be something big or small that you’re doing on your own or with a bunch of your BFFs. From recycling in your school to planting trees in your yard, and from picking up garbage at your school to telling the world how you are Bringing Back the Wild, we want to hear all about it. If your story is picked, we will brag to the world about your awesome Earth saving abilities, which will inspire other kids to take action.

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Earth Rangers is a non-profit organization that works to inspire and educate children about the environment. At kids can play games, discover amazing facts, meet animal ambassadors and fundraise to protect biodiversity.
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  1. New Bee
    Liv21 says:

    For a science projet I did it on the Dingiso (A tree kangroo) and then I said at the end how tree kangaroos are endagered (well, some of them)
    Type up Dingiso Photos and look at them! They are ADORABLE!

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  2. Animal Admiral
    ER_Bubbles says:

    Hey Liv21! That Dingiso is super cute! You are so right. If you like tree kangaroos, you should check out the Goodfellow’s tree Kangaroo. Its also pretty interesting!

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  3. Forest Friend
    Lightningpelt says:

    I think that I’m a Super Ranger because ever since I was little I had this connection with animals. Its like I know what they need, but thats not all I saved lots of animals once I helped a sparrow when it got bitten by one of my cats, and I once helped ducklings get back to their mother. I even saved bugs!

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  4. Tree Hugger
    Froggypog says:

    I love saving bugs! Especially worms. I help them out of puddles when they are about to drown and I move them over to the side of a path so they don’t get stepped on. Once me and my friend made a recycling center and recycled all the old newspaper my family didn’t need anymore. I am thinking for my next birthday party instead of asking for presents I’ll ask for donations to endangered animals and plants.

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  5. Forest Friend
    Lightningpelt says:

    Oh my gosh! You are the first person I ever heard that said they love creepy crawlies!!!! You are like my BEST FRIEND!!!!! … Sorry I kinda when crazy there its just amazing to actully FINALLY found some who actully likes bugs! I’ve been defending them for AGES from people who tried to step on them. I practically thought I was the only one who liked them, but I ACTULLY found someone! Keep up the good work Super Ranger! And defened those bugs!

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  6. Forest Friend
    sammythecat says:

    NOT ~BUGS~! i am saveing the poler bears and have not got 1 $!and i am so a tom boy.

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  7. Forest Friend
    sammythecat says:

    and i am the most eco guy in the wold (i am a girl) i say to mom ever day:buy soy milk it’s better of the envermint(it is)!,stop using the dish washer!,etc.and anamls i love them! PS: WHY ! anamls kill for food we kill for FUN!

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