Update from the Lemonade Stand Crew

A lot can change in a year; we get older, a little taller, start a new school year and maybe even make some new friends. But sometimes the best things stay the same year after year, like Kathleen and her friends helping to Bring Back the Wild™!

We first met the lemonade stand crew last summer, when they sent us a letter about spending a sunny day at the cottage raising money and awareness to help protect the Grizzly bear. A year later we received another letter telling us that the crew was back in action offering lemonade and some baked treats to anyone willing to help protect the Jefferson Salamander. Check out the letter below for all the details about this group of animal protectors.

grizzly bear and jefferson salander

Dear Earth Rangers,

You might remember us from last year; we were the group from Bathurst, NB who raised money for the Grizzly Bear. Our plan for raising money for the Bring Back the Wild™ campaign came together a lot like last year, although we were a bit more organized as we made lots of cookies, bought more juice and had some cool pink and silver plastic wigs to wear.

This time we chose the Jefferson Salamander because we thought it was in need of our help. There is a great deal of deforestation going on in Canada and throughout the world, which is affecting the habitat and food supplies of the salamander. The same problem is faced by many animals but the Jefferson Salamander was the animal we decided upon after a great deal of discussion and reading all the reports on the animals, and after realizing that it had the least amount of money for its cause.

We spent an afternoon making posters and talking about all the endangered animals that Earth Rangers mentions on its website. The next day, we all rotated holding the signs and advertising beside our stand alongside the road. Several joggers came by and gladly had a glass of cold juice and a homemade cookie, and then came by later to drop off some money. For lunch, Jack and Steve’s mom made us hot-dogs so we could stay out all afternoon. Around two o’clock, we ran out of juice so Jaya asked her parents for some lemonade and we asked our grandmother.

At first, we didn’t have very many customers and most people just gave us weird looks after reading our signs. We were getting discouraged but then around five o’clock, just as folks were coming home from work, cars began stopping and people were extremely glad to buy cookies for desert that night and a glass of juice for the ride home.

This year we raised money for the Jefferson Salamander and had another great day fundraising. We would do it again in a minute. Earth Rangers thank you so much for organizing the Bring Back the Wild™ campaign in collaboration with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, to help protect wild animals and their habitats.


Steven, Kathleen, Jaya, Jack and Robert

Big thanks to the whole lemonade stand crew for their support. Thanks to your hard work, we’ve been able to make the Happy Valley Forest a safer place for the Jefferson salamander to call home.

Who should be the next Super Ranger? Tell us whose amazing acts of green we should feature!

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Earth Rangers is a non-profit organization that works to inspire and educate children about the environment. At EarthRangers.com kids can play games, discover amazing facts, meet animal ambassadors and fundraise to protect biodiversity.
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