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barn swallow sitting on a wire

How Birds Know the Time and Why Barn Swallows Stick to the Schedule

Find out how birds know when to migrate and see where barn swallows are travelling to

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The Best Wildlife Pictures of 2017

Every year, thousands of photographers submit pictures to London’s Natural History Museum in hopes of being crowned Wildlife Photographer of the Year. From seals under the ice to

Canada Warbler perched on a branch.

Meet the other bird that’s named after Canada

We all know the Canada goose. They are instantly recognizable with their white chinstrap and black head and neck, but did you know that they aren’t the only


Taking a Peek at Pukaskwa Park’s Peregrines

Last year on our quest to learn more about the majestic Peregrine Falcon, we took you all the way up to Pukaskwa National Park, 4.5 hours


Can keeping cats inside help keep birds safe?

Cats are adorable, there’s no doubt about that. But behind those cute eyes and little nose is a very skilled hunter, and that can be really bad news

Aug2016 PC migratory bird article featured image

Celebrating 100 years of protecting birds in North America

Hello friends! My name is Chester, and I’m a Canada Goose. I’ve got lots of hobbies, mostly ones that involve floating and quacking, but my all-time favourite has

Apr2016 Peregrine Update Article - featured image

Spring has sprung for Peregrines everywhere!

The last time we checked in with our conservation partners, they had lots to share about all the amazing work they’re doing to help protect Peregrine Falcons. Now

Feb2016 Peregrine Update ArticleFR Featured Image 1

Getting up to speed with the world’s fastest bird

We don’t have to tell you twice that Peregrine Falcons are pretty cool. Not only are they the fastest bird in the world, but their amazing comeback from

PC peregrine featured image

Parks Canada’s Peregrine Power

This year, Earth Rangers just like you are taking action to protect the peregrine falcon. But we’re not alone in our peregrine saving efforts. Other organizations are also

eagle owl

This Eagle Owl Needs a Name

Earth Rangers newest Animal Ambassador, an adorable eagle owl, needs a name. Which name do you like best?

1) Wembley

2) Google

3) Gizmo

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