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Why You Should Protect the Western Screech Owl

Here are our top five reasons why you should take action to help owls!

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Swift fox

Help the Swift Fox Make a Speedy Comeback!

Earth Rangers and the Calgary Zoo have teamed up to protect the swift fox and you can help. Here are our top five reasons why you've


Why You Should Protect the Bobolink

Have you heard? The bobolink is losing its grassland home and needs your help! Not sure why you should choose these incredible flying machines for your Bring Back


Top Ten Cutest Wolf Pups

We think wolves are pretty cute, don't you? Wait until you see them as pups! Check out these top ten cutest wolf pups and let us know which

Radiocollared Eastern wolf (smallcrop)

Why You Should Protect the Eastern Wolf

Have you heard? The eastern wolf is losing its home and needs your help! Not sure why you should choose these magnificent canines for your Bring Back the

New Bring Back the Wild Projects

New Bring Back the Wild Projects!

We're excited to announce the launch of four new Bring Back the Wild projects! Check out each of their profile pages to find out more about the


Top Ten Animal Saving Success Stories

Since 2010, thousands of Earth Ranger kids have been helping to protect animals by starting their very own Bring Back the Wild campaigns. These amazing young eco-heroes

western bumble bee

Western Bumble Bee Project Wrap Up

As this Bring Back the Wild project comes to an end, it’s obvious that the Western bumble bee has some dedicated Earth Ranger friends! You have done an

beluga whales

Beluga Whale Project Wrap Up

Beluga whales are pretty loveable; they look like they are smiling and they are so chatty they’ve been nicknamed the “canaries of the sea”! Given their charm, it’s

Covey Hill Field barn swallow habitat

Barn Swallow Project Wrap Up

Barn swallows are safely soaring thanks to thousands of Earth Rangers taking action this year to help out songbirds. Over 14,500 kids started Bring Back the