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Braving the Cold for Bobolinks

Meet six-year-old Kaylee, an advocate for animals even when it’s cold outside!

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Earth Ranger Nicholas is on An Animal Saving Mission

Meet 10-year-old Nicholas, an Earth Ranger who has done some amazing things to help protect animals. Nicholas first learned about Earth Rangers when we visited his school in Manitoba.


How to Catch a Wolf (and Make Sure it Doesn’t Get Hurt)

This summer and fall, Dr. Brent Patterson and his team were busy studying eastern wolves to learn more about where they travel and how they use their habitat.

Earth Rangers at Parliament Hill

Earth Rangers at Parliament Hill

On Thursday, November 20, 2014 nine Earth Rangers members from the Ottawa area joined us at Parliament Hill for a very special event. [caption id="attachment_32825" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Earth Rangers

Measuring a bobolink's wing length.

Being a Bobolink Detective

It takes a special skill to spot and catch bobolinks. These birds are better at hiding than a polar bear in a snow storm. That’s why we have

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Team Sunflower!

Meet Elizabeth, Tia, Alannah and Shawnice – four friends working together to help protect animals and preserve the environment. Elizabeth has been an active Earth Ranger for the past


Why You Should Protect the Western Screech Owl

How did the western screech owl get its name? It is really neat that western screech owls don’t actually “screech” as their name would suggest. They can make

Swift fox

Help the Swift Fox Make a Speedy Comeback!

Earth Rangers and the Calgary Zoo have teamed up to protect the swift fox and you can help. Here are our top five reasons why you've


Why You Should Protect the Bobolink

Have you heard? The bobolink is losing its grassland home and needs your help! Not sure why you should choose these incredible flying machines for your Bring Back


Top Ten Cutest Wolf Pups

We think wolves are pretty cute, don't you? Wait until you see them as pups! Check out these top ten cutest wolf pups and let us know which