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beluga whales

Beluga Whale Project Wrap Up

33,000 Earth Ranger kids started campaigns to help protect the beluga whale. Here’s how their fundraising efforts made a BIG splash for these marine mammals

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Covey Hill Field barn swallow habitat

Barn Swallow Project Wrap Up

Barn swallows are safely soaring thanks to thousands of Earth Rangers taking action this year to help out songbirds. Over 14,500 kids started Bring Back the

Blanding's on Basking Log_featured

Blanding’s Turtle Project Wrap Up

Thanks to Earth Rangers like you, these turtles can’t stop smiling (and it’s not just because of the shape of their jaw). Take a look at how you’ve

Earth Ranger Rosie

Ranger Rosie and the Bees

Meet Rosie. She wrote to us to tell us about how she was inspired to help protect animals after Earth Rangers visited her school. Hi, my name is Rosie.

orca whale family

Three Whales for the Fundraising Power of One

Every beluga whale Bring Back the Wild campaign is helping to protect not just belugas but also other animals that live in their habitat like narwhals and


6 Reasons Bees are Your BFF

When you hear the buzzing of a bee, are you scared? Well don’t be! Generally, if you don’t bother them, they will leave you alone. Besides, bees are


Blanding’s Turtle Update: Getting a Helping Hand

Sometimes getting a little helping hand is all you need when you’re falling behind a bit, like when a teacher gives you five more minutes to finish a

barn swallow flying

The Spectacular Soaring Barn Swallow

Barn swallows are amazing flyers. They dip, dive and dart with phenomenal speed and precision. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more rare to see this spectacular display

beluga whale pod

What’s Interrupting Beluga Whale Communication?

Has anyone ever tried to talk to you while you were underwater? It’s pretty tough to understand them right? Well it wouldn’t be if you were a beluga!


Meet the Blanding’s Turtle Protectors

Earth Ranger Ashna chats with Julia, a researcher from the Toronto Zoo, to learn how the Toronto Zoo is helping to protect Blanding’s turtles. By collecting eggs from

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