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Parks Canada’s Peregrine Power

Let’s soar over to Pukaskwa National Park and hear from Parks Canada about how they’re helping peregrines, just like Earth Rangers like you!

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Les hommes et femmes chauves-souris du Dr Browning enquêtent !

Cet été était très occupé pour le Dr Mark Browning et son équipe. Ils travaillaient fort pour traquer les progrès du syndrome du museau blanc de la petite

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Winter might be frightful, but for the Wolverine, it’s delightful!

Winter can be rough! The days get shorter, the air gets colder, and sometimes even our coziest mittens and thickest jackets aren’t enough to beat the chill. Most


It’s Your Birthday so Celebrate it by Making a Difference!

What’s one thing that everyone has in common? It’s a birthday! You have a birthday, your friend’s little sister has a birthday and even our Animal Ambassadors have

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What Kind of Bat Are You?

There are over 1,000 different species of bats! With so many species how do you choose a favourite? We've got you covered, take this quiz to find out


Why You Should Protect Little Brown Bats

These fuzzy flying mammals might get a bad rap as a source of spookiness at Halloween, but they’re in trouble and they need our help. Here’s why you


Why You Should Protect Wolverines

No, Wolverine isn’t just the name of an awesome X-Men character, it’s also an awesome animal that needs your help! Here’s why you should choose to protect them.



Why You Should Protect Cold-Water Coral

Coral isn’t just a thing you find in warm tropical waters. You can find it right here in Canada too – if you’re brave enough to dive into


Why You Should Protect Peregrine Falcons

Wondering which Bring Back the Wild animal you should protect? Here are some of the reasons you should choose Peregrine Falcons!

They are Incredible Fliers

Peregrine Falcons are amazing fliers


Meet the 4 New Bring Back the Wild Animals!

It’s September and you know what that means. No, we aren’t talking about having to go back to school. September means there are 4 new animals that you

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