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Earth Rangers Cold Water Coral Project Update – Our boat has departed!

After much preparation and the support of so many of you, our ship has departed for our ocean expedition to learn more about the location of Cold-Water Coral and sponges!

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Going batty this summer!

In August we told you all about our field trips with Dr. Mark and his team. We had quite an adventure and learned a lot about bats and

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Bats 101 with Parks Canada

Bats are known for a lot of things. They’re the worlds only flying mammal, they’re found on almost every continent across the world, and if you had to

A vampire bat baring its fangs for the camera

What Kind of Bat Are You?

There are over 1,000 different species of bats! With so many species how do you choose a favourite? We've got you covered, take this quiz to find out

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6 reasons why you should protect Eastern Small-footed Bats

Can’t decide which animal to protect with your Bring Back the Wild campaign? Well, it’s time for you to go BATTY! Here’s why you should protect the Eastern


Top 5 reasons why you should protect Woodland Caribou

Winter's just around the corner and what better way to welcome it than by protecting this iconic Canadian cold weather creature? Here are our Top 5 reasons why


6 reasons why you should protect Pine Martens

This year, there are 5 Bring Back the Wild animals to protect so how do you decide which one to choose? Well, here are 6 reasons why you

Eastern painted turtle

5 Reasons why you should protect the Midland Painted Turtle

Thinking about choosing the Midland Painted Turtle for your Bring Back the Wild campaign? Here are a few reasons why you should protect this awesome reptile.

1) They hold


Top 5 reasons why you should protect Bees and Other Pollinators

We're crawling with excitement at Earth Rangers and we can't wait to share one of our new Bring Back the Wild animals with you. Come on in and

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A day in the life: the Earth Rangers team joins Dr. Browning’s Bat Savers!

In our last update, we shared how Dr. Mark Browning and his team of bat researchers were working hard to discover where Little Brown Bats have their babies

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