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Bobolink Project Wrap-Up

Almost 4,000 kids signed up to protect the bobolink. Take a look at your donations in action!

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Swift fox in grass

What’s a Swift Fox Having for Dinner?

What’s on the menu for a swift fox? You tell us! We’ve listed below a bunch of food options, guess which ones the swift fox will eat then


Dix Histoires de réussite

Depuis 2010, des milliers d’Éco Héros ont aidé à protéger les animaux en démarrant leur propre campagne Restaurer La Nature. Ces jeunes éco-héros ont amassé des fonds pour

male lion grassland

Earth Month is for the Animals Success!

Throughout the month of April, Earth Ranger kids rallied together to help protect animals here in Canada and abroad. Thanks to everyone’s hard work we gave animals


Put Your Bird Identification Skills To The Test!

If you’ve ever heard a bobolink sing, you know they have a really interesting song. Their song has been called metallic, bubbly and bright and some people even


Taking to the Skies to Look for Wolves

Last time, we showed you some of the ways researchers are able to catch wolves so they can put tracking collars on them. This time, we joined our

western screech owl

Finding Western Screech Owls

It’s spring time, which means western screech owls are busy marking their territory and preparing their nests for summer. This season is the perfect time for researchers to


Katie and Her Super Amazing Work to Protect Animals

Katie first learned about Earth Rangers at her Girl Guides of Canada Rally Day at Canada’s Wonderland. Earth Rangers was on-site to talk to kids and families about

Photo credit Marcus Newton

How You Can Help Lions, Elephants, Rhinos and Zebras!

Throughout April, we are celebrating Earth Month is for the Animals with the help of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. When you start a Bring Back the

African elephant

Top Ten Reasons to Start a Bring Back the Wild Campaign this Earth Month

Animals all around the world need your help! That’s why we’re declaring that this Earth Month is for the Animals. During the month of April, when you

Earth Rangers is a registered Canadian charity (#892200528RR0001) whose mission is to educate kids about the importance of biodiversity and empower them to protect animals and their habitat.