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Why You Should Protect Wolverines

These awesome mammals need your help! Find out how you can protect them.

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Why You Should Protect Cold-Water Coral

Coral isn’t just a thing you find in warm tropical waters. You can find it right here in Canada too – if you’re brave enough to dive into


Why You Should Protect Peregrine Falcons

Wondering which Bring Back the Wild animal you should protect? Here are some of the reasons you should choose Peregrine Falcons!

They are Incredible Fliers

Peregrine Falcons are amazing fliers


Meet the 4 New Bring Back the Wild Animals!

It’s September and you know what that means. No, we aren’t talking about having to go back to school. September means there are 4 new animals that you

Eastern Wolf Wrap Up Featured Image

Eastern Wolf Wrap-Up

Who loves eastern wolves? YOU DO! This year, we teamed up with Dr. Brent Patterson of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to help protect these


Swift Fox Project Wrap-up

Over 14,000 Earth Ranger members took action this past year to protect one of the most adorable canines around, the swift fox! This species of fox lives


Résumé du projet pour protéger le renard véloce

Au cours de la dernière année, plus de 14 000 Éco Héros sont passés à l’action pour protéger l’un des plus adorables canins, le renard véloce! Cette espèce


Fais connaissance avec les nouveaux animaux du programme Restaurer la nature!

Qu’y a-t-il de spécial au mois de septembre? Non, nous ne parlons pas de la rentrée des classes. Septembre, c’est le mois où nous dévoilons les quatre nouveaux


Western Screech Owl Project Wrap-Up

Hoot Hoot Hurray, we’ve helped protect the western screech owl! Western screech owls face serious threats, which have caused their populations to decline. In Canada, western screech


Bobolink Project Wrap-Up

As another year of Bring Back the Wild wraps up, we can easily say that Earth Rangers are Bobolink BFFs! You did an amazing job fundraising so let’s

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