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Earth Ranger Rosie

Ranger Rosie and the Bees

Find out how this young Earth Ranger is helping the Western bumble bee

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Super Ranger Rachel

Rachel was just five-years-old when she learned about narwhals and this unique marine mammal sparked her passion for animals. When she heard about Earth Rangers she was inspired

Rowan w Birthday Poster 1

Super Ranger Sisters Rowan and Kendra

Rowan and Kendra are sisters who love animals and nature! When they found out about Earth Rangers they both signed up right away. [caption id="attachment_26520" align="alignleft" width="207"] Rowan (left)

Barn swallow flying water

Little Super Ranger Lilly

Reduce, reuse, recycle…three simple actions that have become part of our daily lives. For Super Ranger Lilly these actions have played an important role in how she views


Super Ranger Mady: The Creature Helper

At Earth Rangers we always have one thing on our minds – animals! That’s why we were so excited when we discovered Earth Ranger Mady’s blog.

american badger

American Badger Project Wrap Up

For the past 12 months Earth Rangers has been deep undercover searching for a tough and reclusive animal. The American badger saving team, made up of the

Polar bear

The Earth Rangers’ Polar Bears On the Move!

Last month, you met the Earth Rangers Polar bears. These Polar bears are wearing the satellite collars purchased with your donations. Thanks to these collars, you


Caelen and Grayson: Animal Saving Bros

We love hearing inspirational stories about kids who are going above and beyond to protect animals. Not only have these two brothers done an amazing job fundraising for


Jovanna’s Tips: Help a Species

Super Ranger Jovanna has come up with an amazing list of actions you can take to help save the planet. Last week, she helped us say

Polar bear

Meet the Earth Rangers’ Polar Bears!

March is a time for the end of winter, the start of spring, a break from classes and Polar bear tracking! Wait...Polar bear tracking? That’s right!

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