Carey the Caribou & the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement

The Canadian Boreal forest is home to tons of plants and animals, and Earth Rangers is celebrating the holiday season by working to protect this amazing habitat and the species living there. But don’t just take our word for it; let’s imagine what saving the forest means to someone that calls this place home, like the Woodland caribou.


Meet Carey the Caribou!

A Chat with Carey the Caribou

The Boreal forest is really important to us Woodland caribou, because it provides food and shelter. If we lost our forest we’d be in big trouble, after all, we couldn’t just pick a new place to live. You see we are adapted perfectly to the Boreal forest; have you looked at our thick fur? We’re definitely not equipped for the beach.

The Woodland caribou living in Ontario are threatened with extinction, and one of the biggest threats we face is habitat loss. That’s why a super-powered team has come together to protect us and the Boreal forest that we call home by creating the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement.

What is the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement? 

The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement is an agreement between the Forest Products Association and its 19 member companies and 9 environmental organizations. When they first got together in 2010, they agreed right away that forest companies would stop logging on almost 290,000 km2 of Boreal forest so that the health of animal populations could be protected while long-term plans were developed – that’s over three and a half times the size of Lake Superior!

Together, the groups set up a plan for the next three years that would better protect the Boreal forest. They also agreed to expand the size of the protected area to cover even more of the forest where logging is happening. And that’s just the beginning! This group of 28 organizations plan to create safe areas for caribou so they have more places to live and grow; after all, we caribou need large areas to roam and find food! These protected forests aren’t just for caribou, they provide homes for all kinds of plants and animals and they help take action against climate change. By working together, these organizations are also creating better systems for cutting down trees so that the forest industry can continue to be successful while keeping the forest healthy and us caribou happy! It is so nice to see our human friends working hard so we can have places to live.

Northern Ontario Boreal Forest

Are you a friend to the Caribou?

The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement brings together lots of people that want to protect us, but we need your help too! Become a friend to the Woodland caribou by telling your friends and family about us and sharing what you’ve learned about the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement. You can also take action by starting a Bring Back the Wild™ campaign to protect us. Your campaign will help researchers fly over the Boreal forest and collect data that will show how important this area REALLY is to all of us caribou, information that will be used to better protect our home!

Caribou, Plane

Start your Bring Back the Wild™ campaign for the Woodland caribou and help protect Carey and all her friends!

Environmental organizations involved with the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement:
Canadian Boreal Initiative, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Canopy, David Suzuki Foundation, ForestEthics, The Nature Conservancy, Pew Environment Group’s, International Boreal Conservation Campaign, and Ivey Foundation

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