Meet the Earth Rangers’ Polar Bears!

March is a time for the end of winter, the start of spring, a break from classes and Polar bear tracking! Wait…Polar bear tracking? That’s right! March is the time to see how your donations are helping Dr. Lunn and his team track Polar bears in the Arctic. We caught up with Dr. Lunn to learn all about the Polar bears you have been working to protect!

Hey Earth Rangers! Dr. Lunn here, reporting to you from Churchill, Manitoba, where my team and I have been hard at work tracking Polar bears. With your help, we were able to buy five satellite collars, which we put on five female Polar bears back in September. It looks like one of the bears managed to wiggle out of her collar, but we did get some pretty awesome data from the other four!

Before we show you where your Polar bears have travelled, we wanted you to get to know them first! Meet the Earth Rangers’ Polar bears!


Polar bear

The first Polar bear to get an awesome Earth Rangers satellite collar was 11-year-old Nanook. We found her on September 9th walking along a gravel beach near the water with her 21-month-old female cub. Nanook measured 194 cm long, weighed 211 kg and had a slightly below average amount of fat for that time of year.


Polar bear

Next, we came across 11-year-old Snowflake, on September 14th. Like Nanook, she was found close to the water on a gravel beach with a 9-month-old male cub. Snowflake measured 194 cm long, weighed 171 kg and had a slightly below average amount of fat for that time of year.


Polar bear

On September 15th, the team spotted 8-year-old Glacier. To find her we had to move inland to the denning area, where she was with a 9-month-old female cub. Glacier measured 191 cm long, weighed 177 kg and had an average amount of fat for that time of year.


Polar bear

After a few days without any success, the team came across 16-year-old Duchess, on September 18th. Just like Glacier, she was hanging out in an inland denning area and had a 9-month-old male cub with her. Duchess measured 195 cm and weighed 193 kg and had an average amount of fat for that time of year.

Now that you’ve met your Polar bears, we bet you can’t wait to find out how far they travelled over the winter. Check back soon to see their amazing trip around Hudson Bay.

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These hero images represent the Polar bears we are working to protect.

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