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Kid for Thank you cards

Give a Thank you card to your Bring Back the Wild Campaign Supporters!

It’s important to say thanks to the people who’ve helped you protect animals. Use these special Bring Back the Wild thank you cards to show how much you appreciate their support!


1) Download a thank you card template

2) Print out your cards, then cut them out

3) Customize your cards by including a message about your campaign and the help you received from each person

4) Hand out your cards to the people who supported your campaign

Say thank you to the people who donate to your campaign this year.



Say thank you to the people who donated to your campaign last year.




  1. DJ646 says:

    this is the best idea because my class made a earth ranger account and raised 300$+ for the bees and they did a bake sale to get 150$ but we got 300$+ LOL


    Moraine Reply:



    froyoyoyo Reply:

    hi im brooklyn

    have a good day


  2. montyloo says:

    I printed 90 thank u cards and I sold 40 animal plus hides including moose fox deer caribou bees bats turtles pine martens butterflies and wolves I made a lot of money an I’m donating……… 200$!!!!!!.


    shatani Reply:

    my name is tanis


    animalmiah Reply:

    Thats awesome!


  3. kkatelyn says:

    i think i will make a bakesale or garage sale then make a donation box.if poeple donate 5$ or more they wil get a thank you card of painted turtles


    Tyler2101 Reply:



    earthrangerjacksonandavery Reply:

    That was my idea lol


    Butterfly17 Reply:

    That is a good idea.
    I think I will try that idea.
    Thank you


  4. juliatherangerkid says:

    i think this is a great idea

    good job earth rangers


  5. dogwinner123 says:

    at my school the earth rangers visted and brang real animals I was sapruise to see a bald egle we hade a bake sale at school raised money for thum


  6. Merlinerose says:

    Thank you earth ranger


    ZoeF Reply:



  7. Purplelover says:

    I will get started on that!


  8. JayleneK21 says:

    I want to do that! That is cool!


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