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Kid for Thank you cards

Give a Thank you card to your Bring Back the Wild Campaign Supporters!

It’s important to say thanks to the people who’ve helped you protect animals. Use these special Bring Back the Wild thank you cards to show how much you appreciate their support!


1) Download a thank you card template

2) Print out your cards, then cut them out

3) Customize your cards by including a message about your campaign and the help you received from each person

4) Hand out your cards to the people who supported your campaign

Say thank you to the people who donate to your campaign this year.



Say thank you to the people who donated to your campaign last year.




  1. Jazzybk says:

    im only on my second campain


  2. Dipon says:

    Hello I’m new in earth Rangers so got their mission done


  3. khushi14321 says:

    how do we donate to the earth rangers?


    Earth Rangers Reply:

    Great question Ranger Khushi14321! Please ask a parent/guardian to help you convert your cash donations into a cheque or money order and send it to “The Earth Rangers Foundation,” 9520 Pine Valley Drive, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6! Once we’ve received your cheque/money order, we will process and upload your donation to your account (remember to send us your Ranger ID!) and you will see this on your donation thermometer! You can also donate online at!


    chico300 Reply:

    i love animals


  4. Saramarierosebailey says:

    this is so fun 1 person in my class thinks that this website is a scam and the answer is no no no no no


  5. SydneyO08 says:

    earth ranger is so cool


  6. rainbowtheeraser says:

    earth rangers rocks i was selling stuff from dollarstore for like 25-50 cents each we got 100 dollars within the first week
    (we asked principle dont worry)


    Keira429 Reply:

    Hi rainbowtheeraser,
    Great idea! Can you give examples for what you bought to sell?


  7. Rossi1 says:

    Hi guys


    IronBlaze Reply:



  8. Najaashs1 says:

    do we get to help with animal


  9. Randif says:

    This is fun


  10. Delinak123 says:

    Do you guys have any more ideas I can do for fundraising.


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