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Kid for Thank you cards

Give a Thank you card to your Bring Back the Wild Campaign Supporters!

It’s important to say thanks to the people who’ve helped you protect animals. Use these special Bring Back the Wild thank you cards to show how much you appreciate their support!


1) Download a thank you card template

2) Print out your cards, then cut them out

3) Customize your cards by including a message about your campaign and the help you received from each person

4) Hand out your cards to the people who supported your campaign

Say thank you to the people who donate to your campaign this year.



Say thank you to the people who donated to your campaign last year.




  1. SARAHBOO6 says:

    i’m so doing


    898boy Reply:

    Okay but what do you mean


    elly120 Reply:

    If any thing what do you mean


  2. animalover9876 says:

    I wan to do this


  3. Ellamac says:

    I am going to give these out


  4. Alyssa063007 says:

    I might do this


  5. 851565 says:



  6. strawberry47 says:

    i cant what


  7. ag123 says:

    It’s a great idea


  8. juliatherangerkid says:

    i’m defently doing this


  9. imsaving says:

    I’m doing this


  10. Devon09 says:

    So doing this to say thanks to the people that supported my mission :)


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