National Tour: Final Farewells from Ottawa

Well this is it! Our trip around Canada is officially done. When we first started on this adventure 11 weeks seemed like it would be an eternity. I thought I would come back to the Earth Rangers’ Centre looking like a weathered old man and no one would recognize or remember me because I had been gone for so long. But now that National Tour is almost over I realize that the time has absolutely FLOWN by! It seems like just yesterday that we got off the plane in Vancouver and began this whole adventure. Now we’ve made it to Ottawa, our last stop on the tour, after which we are heading back home. I’ve had a ton of fun and made a million great memories so I thought I’d compile a list of the top ten most memorable moments of the trip.

map of Canada

10. Getting sick in Calgary. It may not have been the best memory but I will never forget being so sick during those loooong nights in Calgary.

9. The Children’s Museum in Saskatoon. By far one of the coolest and most friendly places we went to. Everyone we met there was so welcoming and we had such a great time. I wish we were able to stay for longer than a weekend.

grouse mountain

Grouse Mountain

8. Climbing Grouse Mountain in Vancouver. I found it just amazing that you can drive 10 minutes from Downtown and have the option to climb a mountain!

7. Having lunch with the boys from Vancouver College. The staff and students treated us like family! They even invited us in for lunch and sent us stories they wrote about our visit.

6. Seeing the very first Winnipeg Jets game in Winnipeg. I loved being one of the thousands of people who came out to show their love for the team

bay of fundy

Bay of Fundy

5. Seeing the Tides in the Bay of Fundy. Not only was it awesome to witness the huge shift in tides but it was also a really great feeling knowing that we helped to protect part of the bay with our Bring Back the Wild program for the Peregrine Falcon!

4. Brushing up on my French in Montreal. I’ve still got a LOOOOONG way to go but I’m one step closer to speaking this beautiful language.

3. Steak n’ Lobster in PEI… ’nuff said.

2. The drive through the BC interior. The beauty of the mountains was breathtaking! I couldn’t get over how absolutely massive they were. The two days we spent in the interior were possibly the best of the trip.

1. And finally my absolute favourite part of the trip was meeting amazing kids in communities across Canada that were all so excited to see the Animal Ambassadors and help us Bring Back the Wild™.

A final thanks to all the schools, museums and community events that we visited along the way and a BIG thanks to all the sponsors who helped make the Earth Rangers’ National Tour possible.


If I had seen a moose during our trip, it would have been at the top of my list...but I didn't

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