Help Save the Real Reindeer


The holiday season is here and Earth Rangers is celebrating by helping to protect Santa’s favourite animal, the reindeer. The Woodland caribou, also known as reindeer, once roamed across Ontario, but today their range has shrunk to the northern half of the province.


Where’d the reindeer go?

Northern Ontario is increasingly being developed, changing the Woodland caribou’s habitat and putting this amazing animal at risk. Earth Rangers and the Wildlife Conservation Society are sending scientists to study and monitor the Woodland caribou herds. The information collected by these scientists will then be used to protect habitat to make the perfect home for the Woodland caribou.

You can support Earth Rangers and the Wildlife Conservation Society’s project to protect the Woodland caribou by starting a Bring Back the Wild™ campaign. Donations to your Woodland caribou campaign will support important research, helping to fund radio collaring and tracking of the herds. You can also show your support by learning more about the caribou. Once you are filled with caribou know-how, share your smarts with friends and family and get everyone you know involved in helping to save the real reindeer.

But wait there’s more!

caribou reindeer grazing

As if an animal saving holiday wasn’t exciting enough, you can also earn limited edition buttons just by helping to protect the Woodland caribou. So what are you waiting for? Get your caribou campaign started because together we can make 2011 the most reindeer friendly holiday season ever!

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