Spotted Turtle Update: Where did all the Turtles go?

We have received a special all access pass to check in with the Nature Conservancy of Canada at their top-secret Spotted turtle location in Southern Ontario. Come along for this update in the field and see how your Bring Back the Wild™ campaign is helping to protect the Spotted turtle.

spotted turtle

Where did all the Spotted turtles go?

Walking around the wetlands of Ontario during the winter you can’t help but notice that things are pretty quite; there aren’t as many animals out and about and you definitely won’t be spotting any Spotted turtles.

But don’t worry the Spotted turtles aren’t really missing; they are just hibernating. Since turtles are cold blooded, their internal temperature is dependent on the temperature outside. As the weather gets colder the Spotted turtle will slow their body functions and seek shelter, entering into hibernation around mid-October.

Spotted Turtle Habitat

Spotted Turtle Habitat

Picking the Perfect Spot

Picking a place to hideout for the winter is a big decision and the Spotted turtle has to make sure they find the perfect spot. If they choose a location that is too shallow they will freeze in the cold temperatures but if their hibernation hideout is too deep the Spotted turtle will not thaw fast enough in the spring.

How You are Helping

Hibernating turtles don’t have much of a defense against poachers trying to snatch them up or against people trying to develop the areas they live in and that is why it is so important for us to protect their habitat. Through your Bring Back the Wild™ campaign you are helping the Nature Conservancy of Canada in their efforts to get the Spotted turtle’s habitat designated as provincially significant. You are also helping the Nature Conservancy of Canada to remove invasive reeds that make it extremely difficult for the Spotted turtle to move around in the wetlands.

ontario power generation


The Spotted Turtle Project is generously supported by Ontario Power Generation.


Keep up the great work protecting animals with Bring Back the Wild™ and check back soon for another update from the field.

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