The Ferocious Bladderwort Plant!

carniverous bladderwort plant

Flickr credit: Pellaea

You may have heard of the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) and its carnivorous eating habits, but did you know that there are other plants that hunt? In fact, the bladderwort plant (Utricularia) is 100 times faster than the Venus flytrap.

The bladderwort plant lives in fresh water and is such a successful hunter that it doesn’t grow any roots. This plant catches its prey by using tiny capsules, which have doors on them that are lined with very sensitive bristles. If a small water creature touches the bristles “smooosh” goes the door and the prey is tightly sealed inside. The bladderwort then secrets acids to digests its prey and within two hours the plant is ready to reset the trap to try and catch another tasty snack.

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The Ferocious Bladderwort Plant! , 4.9 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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  1. Rising Star
    greenmonsterman3 says:

    eeek that plant is scary fast, I wouldn’t want to meet it when it was really really hungry it might eat me!

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  2. New Bee
    magicandme says:

    I thought venus flytrap was the only carnivorous plan. Im wrong!!!

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  3. Animal Admiral
    AwesomeAnnie says:

    It looks like a pretty flower, its crazy to think that it is actually a meat eating thingy. I will think twice next time i go to smell a flower…i might get eaten!

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    Rating: 3.4/5 (5 votes cast)
  4. Toadstool
    Ranger5670589 says:

    I nu that the Venus Flytrap wasn’t the only carnivorous plant but I didn’t no the names of any others.

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  5. Green Bean
    thunderdolphin says:

    Wow! I nu that more carnivorous plants existed but WOW!

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  6. Toadstool
    doglover32 says:

    Magicandme, you might want to know that there is also a carnivorous plant called a pitcher plant. Along with that, I know of another carnivorous plant but I can’t remember it’s name.

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  7. Animal Admiral
    ER_pippy says:

    That’s right doglover32 there are lots of other carnivorous plants, check out this post to see the pitcher plant you were talking about

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  8. Forest Friend
    luvkittys101 says:

    i know about this plant its beautiful on the top but deadly underneath the bladderwort wont hurt you but is a extreme danger to small marine life if the ground is moist enough a bladderwort can grow on land posing a danger to underground bugs and worms

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  9. New Bee
    rock605 says:

    i know about the sundew, venus fly trap bladder wort butterwart

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  10. New Bee
    rock605 says:

    i know about the pitcher plant sun dew and butter wort

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