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  1. Green Bean
    Clairerm8 says:

    Ha ha!!!


  2. New Bee
    kaiya1 says:

    the lynx is so cute jumping over the oh and i forgot i love your video earth rangers so cuuuuuuute.


    Green Bean

    Baby-Beluga Reply:

    he is so cuuuutttteeeeeeeee, your totally right


  3. New Bee
    penguin599 says:

    Omg Hudson the Lynx, soooooooooo cute!!!!! How old is he? A kitten or is he full grown?


    Animal Admiral

    Earth Rangers Reply:

    He is two and a half this November!


  4. New Bee
    penguin599 says:

    Omg Hudson the Lynx soooooo cute….. How old is he?


  5. Green Bean
    Baby-Beluga says:

    the wolf pups are so cuuuuuuute!


  6. Green Bean
    Baby-Beluga says:

    Earth should have a Amur leopard for one of the endangered animals to sponsor and protect, there are only 50-75 left on earth!


  7. New Bee
    karandee says:

    i love being a earth ranger


    Green Genius

    ER_pippy Reply:

    I love being an Earth Ranger too!!


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