Eco-Activity: Save your seeds for spring!


Did you know that farmers grow their crops from their own seeds? That’s right! When the growing season for most plants is over, they save some of their seeds to use the following spring. For today’s eco-activity, create an eco-friendly seed package to save your favourite seeds and plant them next spring!


  1. Take your paper and begin to tear it and shred it into very small pieces.
  2. Put your torn paper into the blender.
  3. Pour some warm water into the blender.
  4. Blend the water and paper together at a slow speed until your paper has turned into a fine pulp. There should be no paper flakes visible.
  5. Sprinkle your seeds (wildflower seeds are a great option) into your mixture and stir them in! Make sure NOT to blend them.
  6. Pour your mixture into a strainer to get rid of as much water as possible.
  7. Press a spoon or spatula on your mixture against the edge of the strainer in order to squeeze out the remaining water.
  8. Lay your mixture out on a flat surface and spread it into any shape you want. Make sure it’s as thin as possible.
  9. Use the sponge to flatten your mixture and dry it out even more.
  10. Make sure to dry both sides. Once they’re both dry, you’re ready to store it.
  11. Store your seed package in a cool, dry, dark place until you’re ready to plant it in the spring!
  12. When spring comes, place your seed package in soil, add water, watch it grow and home-grown food!

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