Eco-activity: DIY Snow Globe


There’s nothing quite like looking up as snowflakes swirl around and the world becomes a snow globe… so why not make your own to enjoy indoors?! For today’s Eco-Activity, we’ll show you how to make a DIY snow globe!

Want to follow along, e-learning style? Check out the video below!

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Clean out the jar and make sure all of the labels are gone.

2. Put your jar through a leak test. Add water, close the lid tightly, and leave it upside-down to make sure that no water gets out.

3. If it passes the test, it’s good to use. Dump the water out and make sure your jar and lid are completely dry.

4. Press a mound of modeling clay to the inside of the lid, making sure it’s secure. Press your figurine firmly in the clay. You don’t want them coming apart in your snow globe!

5. Fill your jar with water almost to the top, leaving space for the figurines on the lid. It’s a good idea to test that it fits before moving on to step 6 to avoid a sparkly mess!

6. Add your glitter, then screw the lid on tightly. For more security, add some hot glue around the rim (caution: lid may get hot!)

7. Flip your jar upside-down, give it a shake, and watch the glitter glide through the water!  Clean out the jar and make sure all of the labels are gone.