Battery Blitz Mission


Calling all Earth Rangers! Your next Mission has arrived. We’re challenging you to collect and recycle as many used batteries as you can. Keep reading to find out more.




Watt is up with Batteries?

Batteries were first invented at the beginning of the 20th century (1900s) but weren’t widely used until about 60 years later. Today, batteries come in all shapes and sizes, and are used in a variety of electronics, like toys, remotes, cameras, even your game controllers.
battery plus and minus


How do batteries work? When a battery is used, a reaction happens between the chemicals in the positive end and the chemicals in the negative end of the battery. This reaction produces the energy your electronics need in order to run.


The Problem

Since batteries provide energy for so many of the things we use every day, what to do with batteries once they are dead becomes a problem. When batteries are thrown out in the trash, they end up in landfills where they not only add to solid waste, but they can also potentially release harmful chemicals into the environment.


Recycle your Batteries

When you take your used batteries to a battery drop-off location, you’re keeping batteries out of landfills and helping to protect animals and the planet. You’re also helping to provide recycled materials and parts that can be used to make new products we use every day, like new batteries and stainless steel pots in your kitchen!


hand holding batteries

What you can do to help

1. Accept your Battery Blitz Mission and download your Mission Brief.
2. Start collecting used batteries! Store them in a container or bag and use tape to cover the ends of each battery.
3. Visit, log in and click Battery Blitz to find your closest recycling station.
4. Drop your used batteries off at the recycling station of your choice.
5. Now that you’ve completed your Battery Blitz Mission, it’s time to celebrate! Let us know how you did.

Remember, you can’t recycle batteries in your regular recycling bin. They have to be recycled at a proper facility!


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