Mission Objective:

The Outdoor Explorer Mission shows kids that you don’t have to travel to the Amazon Forest or the savannahs of Africa to find amazing animals and extraordinary ecosystems! Through this Mission, kids and their families will head out to a local park or greenspace for a guided outdoor adventure that will remind them of the amazing nature found right here in Canada.

To complete this Mission, kids will…

  • Read through the Mission Brief to learn about Canada’s protected areas.
  • Choose a park or greenspace to explore with their family.
  • Download the Nature BioKit and Urban Biokit and use it to start their outdoor adventure.
  • Share their adventures with friends and family by emailing or printing the Outdoor Explorer postcard and spreading the word about protecting nature in Canada.

Mission Items:

When members accept this Mission, they receive a Mission Brief and Urban and Rural BioKits to guide them on their outdoor adventure.

What Kids Think: